About MCN Software

With a small team of committed developers, MCN Software has been developing top quality solutions and tools for many thousands of clients since its inception in 1996.

MCN Software prides itself on offering quality solutions to complex problems, with an emphasis on making them easy to use. Over the years, MCN Software has come to realise that overly complex software simply doesn't get used the way it should be and this, coupled with developer aversion to interference in the development process, has led to the development of its core product: TeamCoherence.

The Difference

The key to MCN Software recent success has been the release of its core product, TeamCoherence. Unlike its competitors offerings, TeamCoherence offers a robust suite of Configuration Management tools that are tightly integrated and, above all, very easy to use. This ease of use increases uptake, and the control it gives to software developers means that they are happy to use it.

The Focus

At MCN Software, a strong emphasis has always been put on listening to user feedback. A large factor in the success of TeamCoherence has been a willingness to implement features and ideas requested by existing and potential users. This listening process is ongoing and MCN Software is actively developing and enhancing TeamCoherence as well as moving into other markets such as document management and related tools.