One of the biggest strengths of TeamCoherence (whatever module) is the built-in support for the concept of Addins and Triggers.

Add to that a comprehensive API (Win32 and .NET), a robust and easy to install server, and the automation and control of your development/documentaion process becomes second nature.

The API is fully documented (Version Manager, Tracker, but it makes sense for us to present a number of ways, including source code, in which you can enhance the experience you have with our software.

What are Promotion Levels?

An often overlooked feature of TeamCoherence Version Manager is the concept of Promotion Levels. Combined with Views, they provide a powerful method of managing the typical write-test-verify-release cycle of most development teams.

A Promotional Model is a definition of the steps that a project or group of files need to go through to be considered ready for production...

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Single user Version Control

Many developers and document controllers associate Version Control with teams of people working together, using the tool to make sure that the documents they are working on are managed properly, and that changes to these documents are properly controlled.

True, but the majority of the benefits that multiple users get from a Version Control system also apply to the developer working for themselves...

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