Buy TeamCoherence

In order to keep our prices low, and to provide you with the latest version of our products when you order, all orders are fulfilled by Electronic Software Delivery (ESD). It is also worth checking our resellers as they sometimes have special offers available.

Existing users should log in to our Customer Service Portal (CSP) if you haven't already done so. Within the Portal, you will find the relevant links to enable you to purchase additional licenses. Using our CSP allows you to take advantage of special offers, and get the best deal especially when purchasing additional licenses.

New users can either use our CSP or use the links below:

NOTE: TeamCoherence is modular and can include any of the following modules. All modules integrate with each other and, as your requirements grow, you can add additional modules and licenses at any point in the future.

All prices are per user and in US$.

Product Number of Users   License Fee (including 1 year of updates*)  
Version Manager Single User   FREE  
  Up to 5 Users   $189 per user (Quick Buy)  
  Over 5 Users   $129 per user (Quick Buy)  
TC Tracker Single User   FREE  
  Up to 5 Users   $66 per user (Quick Buy)  
  Over 5 Users   $45 per user (Quick Buy)  

* All new licenses includes 12 months of free updates to the client and server, including major updates.

What is the CSP?

The TeamCoherence Customer Service Portal is an area where you can:

  • Record and check your license details
  • Calculate your license count for each module
  • Specify what information we are allowed to send you (if any)
  • Add additional contact email addresses
  • Purchase new licenses and maintenance

To log in, you simply need to enter your Email address and click on the link we mail to you. This will register you with our system. No password is required. You can access this site whether or not you have existing licenses.

NOTE: All Email addresses we store are for internal use only. We will not give or sell your email addresses to any third party and you can specify when we can contact you, if at all, by configuring your Email Preferences.