Free Single-user License

Do I Need One to Evaluate TeamCoherence?

No. If you are simply evaluating any of the modules of TeamCoherence, the download is fully functional, multi-user,and does not require a license to run. It does, however have some limits (see our FAQ).

The single-user license is aimed at those that want to use TeamCoherence but don't initially require multi-user access. The single-user license can be replaced with full licenses at any time.

How do I Get One?

To generate your Single-User license for both Version Manager and TC Tracker, you need to first log in to our Customer Service Portal (CSP) if you haven't already done so.

Within the Portal, you will find the relevant links to enable you to generate the licenses.

What is the CSP?

The TeamCoherence Customer Service Portal is an area where you can:

  • Record and check your license details
  • Calculate your license count for each module
  • Specify what information we are allowed to send you (if any)
  • Add additional contact email addresses
  • Purchase new licenses and maintenance

To log in, you simply need to enter your Email address and click on the link we mail to you. This will register you with our system. No password is required. You can access this site whether or not you have existing licenses.

NOTE: All Email addresses we store are for internal use only. We will not give or sell your email addresses to any third party and you can specify when we can contact you, if at all, by configuring your Email Preferences.