TC Tracker - Issue Tracking Made Easy

TC Tracker. What is it? 

TC Tracker is a bug and issue tracking tool designed to integrate with the popular TeamCoherence Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool. TC Tracker either runs standalone, or integrates tightly with Version Manager to add Bug and Issue tracking and to link issues with file archives.

Using TC Tracker, you can log and control the progress of several different types of Issue, including Bug Reports and Feature Requests, and maintain a history of how these issues progress. The tight integration with TeamCoherence Version Manager means that Issues can be associated with project files, and vice versa

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Capture Issues that Impact Your Projects 

TC Tracker captures and tracks project issues, related data and resolution status for team members making it easy to stay on top of feature requests and defect reports. You don't have to remember - TC Tracker does it for you.

User defined fields allow you to tailor TC Tracker for almost any kind of situation or team, while Html-based screen and report templates allow you to decide how to present the information.

Integration with TeamCoherence Version Manager means that a tight, two way, link is maintained between your issues and source files and Issues can be accessed from your development tools while using the TeamCoherence IDE integration.


Manage Issues and Changes from Emergence to Resolution 

Complex team projects can become chaotic when issues, priorities and ownerships change rapidly. With TC Tracker on your team, chaos turns into control. You establish priorities, assign ownerships, manage hand-offs and track issues from emergence to resolution.

Because TC Tracker integrates tightly with TeamCoherence Version Manager, you can associate development objects with issues, and see the who, what, when and why for all module changes. At last, developers can easily manage issues and version control as part of their everyday work process.


Get the Most Out of Low-Cost, High-Return Issue Tracking Software 

FREE for a single-user license, TC Tracker is accessible to all developers whether they work on their own or as a member of a large team. Developers can use TC Tracker quickly and effectively without extensive training or maintenance.

Performance is optimised for internet access and only the relevant information is sent or received. A centralised object repository means that TC Tracker can be used, out of the box, by distributed development teams. There is no requirement for additional, expensive, tools to allow sharing of Issue data across multiple locations, and date and time is correctly calculated for the local clients.