Version Manager - Version Control Made Easy

Increase Developer Productivity 

If a tool is difficult to use, or causes delays and frustration to developers, it is less likely to be used to any great effect. Direct integration with your development tools enables developers to access the full power of team development features from within a familiar environment. TeamCoherence integrates directly with Visual Studio, Visual Studio .NET, Delphi, C++ Builder and many other development tools and editors.

TeamCoherence provides an extensive feature set designed to save time and money through reliable version control. It enables development teams to automatically protect and track their most valuable source code, documentation, binaries, and all other file types as they change throughout the software life cycle.

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Improve Quality 

Versioning features, such as labels, provide snapshots of a project for the quick retrieval of any previous version in the software life cycle. Support for promotion levels allows you to say with certainty that all files have been through the various development and testing stages by the time they are released to end users.

The ability to share files across projects promotes the reuse of code and components across projects and simplify code maintenance by propagating changes across all shared whenever a file is updated.

Support for both Parallel and Serial development modes, or a combination of both, allows you to decide which methodology suits you best, not the other way around.

The ability to define multiple views of your projects makes it easy to work on multiple versions of the same projects. Branching is handled automatically so that changes to one version do not impact on the others.

As revisions are made and your projects evolve, files are added and modified, and the software life cycle grows, all changes and documentation are secured by TeamCoherence, providing an audit trail for every file and every project, easily accessible to even the novice user.


Get the Most Out of Low-Cost, High-Return Team Software Management 

FREE for a single-user license, TeamCoherence is accessible to all developers whether they work on their own or as a member of a large team. Developers can use TeamCoherence quickly and effectively without extensive training or maintenance.

Performance is optimised for internet access and only the relevant information is sent or received. For example, when performing a Get, the file is only retrieved if the version on the server is different from the local file. In addition, transmitted data is first compressed, then encrypted for maximum security.

A centralised object repository means that TeamCoherence can be used, out of the box, by distributed development teams. There is no requirement for additional, expensive, tools to allow sharing of code across multiple locations, and date and time is correctly calculated for the local clients.

Whether working from the stand-alone Version Manager, from the command line, or even from within your development tools, TeamCoherence provides the features every team member needs to use, and in a way that fits with their development needs. The ability to store, document, version, and track any file of any type provides an extremely flexible environment that can adapt to any development setting, including design, development, testing, and debugging.


Integrates With Your Tools 

TeamCoherence is designed to integrate directly with your existing development tools. With full support for the Microsoft Source Code Control (SCC) API, TeamCoherence can be integrated with the many tools and editors that support this standard. Tool integration includes:

  • MS Visual Studio
  • MS Visual Studio .NET
  • Borland/Embarcadero Delphi (all versions)
  • Borland/Embarcadero C++ Builder (V3, 4, 5 upwards)
  • ModelMaker
  • MS Visual Basic
  • MS Visual C++
  • IBM Visual Age
  • Visual SlickEdit (Slick Edit Inc)
  • TOAD (Quest Software)
  • Altova UModel
  • Altova XMLSpy
  • Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
  • + many other tools supporting the SCC API