Version Manager Tools and Addins

TeamCoherence Version Manager supports the concept of addins and, through the API, external tools that can access the Version Manager repository. The links below allow you to download addins that either we have developed ourselves, or have been developed by third parties. In many cases, source code is included.

In order to compile any of these tools and addins, you will first need to download the API documentation and source code. The source code is written in Delphi and basically wraps the exported functions of the API in an easy-to-use set of Pascal functions.

The available tools have been broken down into the following sections:

Where source code is available this will be indicated.

Triggers: Client Side


Client-side Triggers allow the developer to influence how certain actions progress. On the client, triggers occur before and after these actions. For more information on Triggers, download the Version Manager API.

Client Side Triggers
Description Supplier Status Source Size Download
Sample - Sample addin illustrating the concept. Can be used as the basis of your own addins. QSC Free Delphi 9 KB Download
CommentServer - Simple TC addin and Delphi addin to allow modifications to checkin comments to be made while working on the source. QSC Free Delphi 23 KB Download
HandleBranch - detects whether a branch is about to occur during checkin and will then display the Differences viewer to allow changes to be merged with the current tip revision to prevent the branch occurring. QSC Free Delphi 185 KB Download


Triggers: Server Side


Server-side Triggers are fired after certain actions occur and allow the logging of events. In addition, server-side addins have access to functionality that allows rudimentary control of the TeamCoherence server to, for example, facilitate automatic validation and backup of the repository.

Server Side Triggers
Description Supplier Status Source Size Download
Sample - Simple addin that logs events to a text file as they occur. Could be used as the basis of your own addin. QSC Free Delphi 12 KB Download
Backup - designed to allow scheduled backup of the repository. Illustrates how to temporarily disable the server, flush the cache to disk, and enumerate through the objects maintained in the repository. QSC Free Delphi 29 KB Download
Validation - basic addin to illustrate how to use the ValidateRepository call. QSC Free Delphi 15 KB Download


General Tools


In addition to allowing the creation of Triggers, TeamCoherence Version Manager also has a comprehensive API to allow you to integrate Version Manager with your own tools, or to create additional client-side tools. For more information on the API, download the Version Manager API.

General Tools
Description Supplier Status Source Size Download
IDE Integration - The full source code for the latest version of the TeamCoherence IDE Integration for Delphi (incl Delphi 2005) and C++Builder. Illustrates ways in which the API can be used. QSC Free Delphi 55 KB Download
VSS Importer - This utility implements the importing of Visual SourceSafe ® repositories into TeamCoherence. If you are currently using SourceSafe ®, this utility will help you to easily migrate your existing file history to TeamCoherence. QSC Free None 742 KB Download
TC Export/Import - This utility helps manage multiple TeamCoherence repositories by allowing the exchange of Projects and/or User information between repositories. QSC Free None 522 KB Download